Focusing on what feels good.

Before I went backpacking, I was so frozen in logistics, all the little details kept me stuck. 

Until finally I was so tired of fighting between excitement and resistance, and I literally just went online and booked the cheapest one way ticket to SE Asia I could find. 

And you know what? The easiest part of my trip started after that. The hardest part was defeating the resistant thoughts and just buying the damn ticket. 

Allow yourself to have it without resistance. Want to travel? Give yourself permission to go Want a new job? Start interviewing. Thinking about moving?
Pick a new city and start packing. 

Bask in the feelings of excitement and freedom. 

The feelings before any doubt or “reality” set in. 

What we think is “reality” is actually “resistance.”

Release your focus from these feelings. These are the ones that freeze you in indecision!

If and when the doubt creeps in, go back to the feelings of excitement. THAT’S the energy you’re meant to feel. This is the driving force to being in the “flow” state of life. Take a few minutes everyday to get into this state. 

It’s like climbing a mountain. We make it so hard on ourselves because all we see is the uphill battle. We camp out on that slope for ages, calculating the best way to defeat it, or consider going home and giving up. 

We create conflicting energy thinking about what will work to get us there and what won’t, never realizing that we are only a foot from the top. 

Decide what you want, clear yourself of doubt, and keep tuning in to the good feelings...everything else will fall into place.


Jen CannonFaith, Action, Spirituality