what the heck is a spiritual life coach?

Flow down the river of life with ease. Going with the flow, or being in a flow state, allows us to fully embody our highest potential, and make life abundant, low stress, and delightfully joyous. You might ask yourself, "How do I stop feeling anxious? How do I stop feeling lonely? How do I stop feeling depressed? I assure you there is a solution, and I'm here to help.



I get this question all the time when people ask about life coaching, or more specifically, consciousness and mindset coaching.

“So, what do you do exactly?”

I’ve played with the way I respond to this question many times. I don't even like the term "Life Coach." It is much too general and seems a bit pretentious. I am not here to make decisions regarding your life for you. Instead I guide you to find clarity and empower you with skills to feel confident in decision making. Look at it like this: if you have money to manage, you seek a financial advisor. They give you a plan and a path to reach your goals. Similarly, you go to the gym to strengthen your body, so where do you go to strengthen your mind? This is where mentorship and coaching is key. A life coach will help you build a path to success and fulfillment by assisting you in creating a healthy mindset and lifestyle.  Even more specifically, a spiritual life coach will armor you with tools to access your inner wisdom so that you strip away layers of confusion and reveal your most authentic, empowered self.

Say you are having trouble making big decisions in your life (you are not alone!). You have a lot of choices but don’t know which path to take.

“Should I quit my job and go for my dreams?”

“Can I travel the world and find a way to make money?”

“Should I go to grad school or continue in my current career?”

“Do I need to settle down and get married?”

“Should I break up with this guy/girl even though we’ve been together forever? What if I don’t find anyone else?”

Or maybe you've been walking the spiritual path for a while now but want to get to the next level in your life, or maybe travel the world, start a business, and become profitable doing what you love but need guidance in taking the next step. You want to fully embody your highest truth and authentic self and aren’t sure of all the practices to get you to that next level.

This type of coaching goes deeper than traditional life coaching. Instead of just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, spiritual coaches delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to source. From there it is possible to reprogram limited belief systems that have been keeping you stuck in the same patterns for years (or lifetimes!). Mindset and consciousness coaching is a mixture of techniques and practices that can vary widely. In my practice with clients I include NLP, hypnosis, and meditations. From there we can rebuild habits and routines to mirror what you want to achieve. You see, it all starts with focusing on your inner world, digging past the conscious mind and rewiring the subconscious mind. Your inner work determines your outer world.

It is common to find ourselves stuck in limited beliefs that are rooted deeply in the subconscious mind. Oftentimes we make agreements with ourselves to change, but don’t get deep enough to the root of the issue keeping us in a certain thought cycle in the first place. Our subconscious mind holds all of our beliefs, dating back to the first few years of life. Look at it like a sponge, heavily influenced by the world around you until about age seven. Even growing up in a healthy household, we often heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” What does this do? It gives you the belief that money is limited, it is potentially hard to attain, and money is to be feared. This naturally becomes the belief that plays out in our day to day life as adults. Is it true? Of course not! It is simply our perception, molded from a very young age. Together we identify your limited beliefs, remove them and reprogram them.

We explore whatever your inner critic might be taunting you with.  Imagine what goals you would achieve if you quit believing in your lack (I’m not smart/ confident/ talented/ attractive enough)  and started believing in your worthiness.

So I leave you with this question, “If you had no inner critic, what would your life look like?”