creating your ideal life (and yes, you can)


We lose sleep thinking about the future. We get caught up in the planning and the work and the people and the thousand things that never seem to get done on the to do list. We set arbitrary goals of what success looks like and take 10 days off per year but are still available by phone.

Is this really the life we are meant to be living? 

Were we born free, unchained, and will die free and unchained. 

So why do we allow the in-between to have handcuffs? 

We fear that we need to stay busy and productive to keep our lives running. This is an illusion that keeps us in lack mentality.

Think of it this way, instead of pushing forward and paddling upstream out of sheer will, we can allow our lives to fall into place by focusing on what feels best in each given moment. This is how we begin to listen to our inner guidance system, which just so happens to know the path of least resistance from where we are to where we want to be. 

Think about it this way: We are simply energy in physical form. Studying that energy, understanding what makes it feel "good" versus "bad" is really all there is to it. Feelings of bliss and love make the energy feel light, open, and expansive. Lower vibrating feelings like fear or jealously feel wound, contracted and closed. 

The more we can get the energy to feel expansive the more we get out of life, and actually tune ourselves to success.

I am certain that we can have a life of joy and living in the present moment while making a great living. We don't need to renounce ourselves from the world and go live on a mountain top in the Himalayas to find these feelings (though that's sounds kind of cool too!)

We are capable of building the life we desire. Be bold and invest in yourself, take the course, read the books, follow the mentors, of course. 

But the most important step of all, as Joseph Campbell says, is to follow your bliss.