an inspired idea deserves action.


An inspired idea deserves to be born into thIs wild world. ⁣

It desires to experience itself.⁣

We are full of big ideas- but they are not ours. ⁣

We are the channels.⁣

We owe it to the message to honor it.⁣

What if our divine messages weren’t even ours? What if they were downloads and messages coming from source?

How many times have we blocked source by not bringing an inspired idea into the world?⁣

I know I’m guilty. 👋⁣

Can we learn to respect the idea, and separate ourselves from identifying with it?⁣

If we started to see it in this way, we could allow source to flow through us even more. ⁣

And we wonder why we feel disconnected…

So here’s the experiment: witness the idea. Don’t attach it to the ego (this brings in the whole what if it fails! Then I’m a loser. Then no one will like me. Then surely I’ll lose my home, and car and friends and end up homeless cause and everyone will find out I’m a fake)⁣

Instead see the idea as source channeled, and create based on honoring the message flowing through you. ⁣

Today’s affirmation: “I hereby declare that I will honor the ideas and inspiration as a gift from source.”⁣ ✨

Jen Cannon