30 truths to learn before turning 30

1. The paradox is real: Your weirdness is your gift, your perceived weakness is your strength. 
2. Get your soul right- it’s the only way to fill the void
3. Don’t wait for people to do things with you- hike the damn waterfall yourself, travel the world, you’ll meet the soul family along the way
4. Take full responsibility for your life- being a victim is another way to outsource and blame others for you not creating the life you want
5. Get good at creating space: in your closet, thoughts, schedule, life: you can’t bring in anything new without it
6. Programming yourself for a fulfilling life is a long running marathon, not a one and done thing
7. Having a sacred ritual you do daily creates a home in yourself that you can bring anywhere
8. We have the idea of sinning all wrong- sinning is when you learn the lesson but repeat the same habits anyway. Break the cyclical existence by using lessons as catalysts for transformation
9. Being courageous has nothing to do with not having fear: its learning to move around fear and find what’s hiding on the other side (freedom!)
10. You will climb and you will fall like a game of shutes and ladders until you fill in all the cracks in your foundation through healing and releasing undigested emotions that stay trapped in the physical body (and this is my f*ing specialty so feel free to ask more)
11. You’ll get burnt out doing things out of ego. Your why has to be aligned with your higher self. It doesn’t matter how much love, likes or praise you get, finding motivation and love from within is what will fuel you
12. Come out of whatever closet you’re in: I was trapped in the spiritual closet for so long, afraid to express my views in fear of being singled out or being seen as crazy- it’s no fun to be there. You may lose some friends but you’ll gain amazing new ones you never knew existed
13. If you have the inkling to travel, and don’t have to put food on anyone else’s place but you’re own- MAKE IT HAPPEN. There are so many ways, jobs, opportunities out there. We get caught in the matrix of what we should be doing. Who are you living for? What would you be doing if you weren’t trying to fit into someone else’s expectations?
14. Wisdom has nothing to do with age and everything to do with alignment to your spirit and truth. And you are literally unstoppable when you come from this place + form deep bonds with people living in their alignment. 
15. It can be very healthy to be the minority at times to realize your privilege/see the flip side of the coin

16. Submerged yourself in other cultures, make friends around the world- suddenly the world becomes smaller, not so scary and exciting
17. Practice loving kindness meditation- it’s the quickest way to forgiveness. Science says there are 2 types of people that produce gamma waves: geniuses and people who practice unconditional love
18. Practicing vulnerability sets you free, creates community and allows others to be set free as well. Likewise, if you open your heart to someone and get rejected, you walk away having gained the ability to love deeper. We are not meant to never have heart break, there is gold inside that wound
19. You become worthy when you decide you’re worthy. It’s that simple. 
20. Your appearance, status, or reputation doesn’t make you happy or unhappy, your mindset does
21. Gratitude is a feeling that deserves to be practiced and expressed multiple times daily. 
22. The breath truly is the bridge between the physical and spiritual body. Learn to use it to spend more time in a meditative state. Clarity, healing, peace happens here. 
23. Authenticity is a million times more fulfilling than being liked. 
24. Getting out of your comfort zone can feel unsafe, uncertain and like you’re going to have a mild panic attack when you first start...learning how to get past those feelings by doing it anyway is one of the best gifts you can give yourself
25. Stop seeking approval, give YOURSELF permission
26. Be receptive to the subtle signs. They will guide you.
27. Shine your light, so that the others can find you
28. Be the alchemist: turn pain into purpose, weakness into strength. Your message is often derived from the not so pretty sides of you. 
29. Love your shadow: we have light and dark in us all, love all elements. It’s the only thing that wins. That being said, pull the poison out. Creating the illusion of being separate from others by talking bad about anyone, including yourself, physically makes you ill over time. That’s why it feels bad to do it. Stop complaining, victimizing, talking shit and you will IMMEDIATELY see a difference. 
30. You are the love you’ve been looking for. You ARE her. You ARE him. Plant home inside yourself. You will bring out fears in others who resonate with the vibration of lack because you have claimed your innate wholeness, this gives them the opportunity to alchemize their limited beliefs...and invites them to rise when they choose to match with the vibration of love and truth. Others who claim this truth will join you on your journey.

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Jen Cannon