to the women who use men.

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Please stop selling yourself short.


From this moment on, set yourself free from the bondage of disempowerment. 


It is time to rise.


When you focus all of your energy on the outside, there is nothing left to water inside.


Stop giving away your power to anyone who will validate you.


From now on, you validate you.


Jumping to the floor to scoop up and eagerly swallow compliments of others. Don’t you know that will always leave you hungry?


Fancy gifts and nice dinners are not free. They are a barter for self worth and boundaries.  They are an open door to objectification and expectations.


Beautiful female, you have innate worth already. Each time you allow men you don’t like to buy you things you don’t need you confuse your truth and authenticity more, more, more. Justifying your actions by labeling them "friends"  leaves your soul crying in it’s cage.  


Do you know you have the key?

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You will only feel depleted by the power you bleed away. It is a dead end road that leads to suffering for both parties.


And the truth is that you are incredible worthy, brilliantly capable of creating the life you want, and making your own damn money, when you make the commitment to yourself. Walk through the stormy depths of your lack and face it head on. Uncover the light. This is the true work, and it is not easy, but it is worth walking through the darkest caves of your inner world a million times over to find the liberation that is waiting on the other end.


Reaching this freedom makes you magnetized. You will not only attract genuine relationships, you will be attractive to yourself. You will have learned to fill your own cup so much that it will overflow.


Rise up sister, it’s your time.

Jen Cannon