a simple realization that changed my life.


“So we can agree that you already suck then, right?”

I was telling someone how I had taken a yoga teacher training, but hadn’t gone through the final test, a one on one exam with my teacher where she would review my teaching style and decide to pass or fail me.

It was the only thing standing in the way of me becoming a certified teacher.

But, I was afraid. What if I failed the test? Or what if I passed, started teaching, and no one came to my classes? What if I totally sucked as a teacher?

I didn’t want to fail, so I came up with a million excuses to push off the test.

But this wise woman pointed out that I sucked MORE for not trying at all then trying and risking failing.

A lightbulb went off that day for me.

NOTHING you try at is a failure.

The only failure is in not taking action in the first place. (Click to tweet)