8 tips to stay grounded while traveling

How do i stay grounded while I travel?

I'm writing this post from San Juan, Puerto Rico, from the cozy corner of a loud coffee shop bustling with people. I've been traveling now just shy of three weeks, starting with a cross country road trip. 

I made the decision sometime before December to finally leave Miami and travel full time. I will drop my car and belongings in Ohio, grab my boyfriend, and continue the journey via backpack.

I so far have gone from Miami--> Orlando --> Atlanta --> Nashville --> St Louis --> San Juan (a quick trip with friends) and when I come back to STL I'll head to Ohio.

So at this point it would be easy to say that I am burnt out and ready to ground somewhere for a while. But actually, the opposite is true. I left Miami for just this, equal parts adventure and inspiration. 

If I had to label 2018 so far, it would be a "pushing past fear" theme. Fear of quitting my comfortable life, of taking a big leap into the unknown, entering into a relationship, traveling, starting a business, and fully putting my skills to the test. This is why I have become the queen of mindset work!

Okay, let's get to the good stuff. 

 Here are my top 8 tips to stay grounded while on the road:

1) Get enough sleep: this is so important! No explanation needed.

2) Carry a water bottle. My favorite is this bad boy (ohhh, good reminder *takes sip from bottle*)

3) Spend time outside, preferably barefoot: this is a technique called grounding. It resets your body's internal clock and will help with melatonin production, and also helps you to slow down and reconnect with yourself and nature.

4) Have a morning routine: give yourself at least 5-10 minutes before starting your day to meditate, set an intention for your day, stretch, and do some deep belly breathing. I also like to walk first thing in the morning to get my metabolism going.

5) Find a gym or a place to move your body: It's so vital to remain active while traveling! This creates consistency and gives the body an outlet from the physical stress that comes from being on the road. If there's no gym, dance in your room! Headphones in, tune the world out, and move the body. Finish it off with a few minutes of yoga to target the main areas of the body: (Hips, hamstrings, shoulders, spine, with side stretches, seated and laying down stretches and twists)

6) Listen to mindset and meditation audio: This immediately helps us become more grounded and intentional with our traveling. If the mind is too active for silent meditation, guided meditation puts our body back into the parasympathetic nervous system, or rested and calm mode. I have a million and one mindset channels I recommend (maybe this will be a future post!)

7) Eat healthy. Scope out the nearest grocery stores or farmer's markets by where you are staying. It's easy to let go of our healthy habits when we don't make it a priority, so get this out of the way early on in your trip.

8) Keep a journal: write out the lessons you've learned, what needs to get off your chest, and how these lessons have evolved you. Self evolution makes you rich, not what's in your bank account.

Do you have any tips you want to add? Let me know in the comments!