insecurity versus intuition: how can we tell the difference?


It's easy to get confused between intuition and fear. After all, they are both physical  "gut" feelings. So how do we decipher (especially in the heat of the moment) which one is steering the ship?

The dictionary defines insecurity as “uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence" and describes intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

-FEAR looks like panic, or a sharp resistance to changes and uncertainty
-Intuition feels softer, more neutral
-FEAR is anxious, dark and heavy
-Intuition feels right, confirms you're on target, no sharp feeling associated
-FEAR feels restrictive
-Intuition feels expansive
-FEAR is reflective back on the self- ask "do I need to get out of my own way?"
-Intuition is not about unresolved psychological wounds
-FEAR focuses on the future or past
-Intuition focuses on the present
-FEAR is a negative emotion that expresses itself through physical reactions (such as fight or flight, sweating, feeling an adrenaline rush, etc.)
-Intuition is a positive set of feelings or guidance that, if heeded, can bring about better situations for us
-Fear is an emotion that causes us to want to run away, hide, and not face the oncoming negative happening
-Intuition is about heeding the possible dangers but having the strength, resilience, and wherewithal to focus our actions and attitude so as to face and deal with the negative occurrence.