You Only Need to Find Yourself, Everything Else can be Googled.

The most beautiful thing in the world is to simply be your authentic, weird, goofy, hilarious, forever evolving self. Celebrate every little sparkle of momentum you create and turn it into a great big snowball of force that you build your life upon. The more momentum, the more you can discover who this authentic, radiant person standing in the mirror is.

Where you’re standing now is a direct result of all your life’s choices and thoughts. There is no one else to blame or thank for your life. The Universe will simply return what you give out to it. You can recreate it or turn it around at any point.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating:

You are an accumulation of your thoughts. When you see life as a miracle, and say thank you and feel gratitude for each moment, the Universe will work with you to continue validate this belief. If you continue to think of yourself as a victim, or outsource the blame, the Universe will only find examples to further prove your thoughts are true.

Attune your thoughts to believing in miracles, and that you are one…and you will find your truth and purpose.