Jenny horse healing
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Are you ready for an experience that shifts your soul?

Working together is a complete activation for women who are ready to radiate in the fullness of who they are.

It is an experience for women who are ready to GET CLARITY and activate their personal power and explore depths of healing.

Chances are you are already successful in many capacities but could benefit from expert guidance in a few key aspects of your life.

I’m here to work with women who are ready to dive deep into quantum creation and manifestation so they may shift out of victim mentality and into the role of co-creator.

Together we’ll create a platform and action steps to your greatest transformation.

This includes embodiment practices, releasing wounds around shame and unworthiness once and for all, developing insight on blocks you may not be able to consciously see, inner child and shadow healing, meeting your high self and learning how to tap into her, shifting into a higher frequency, illuminating your light through meditation and visualization, activating your sacred creative state and feminine essence, and tapping into your personal power in the areas of money, career, spirituality and physical health so that you may embody your queen and conscious creator role.

You will shift on a cellular level to make permanent changes, and step into who you are meant to be.


  • You are ready to do deep healing and uncovering to move through limiting beliefs

  •  You are tired of your old story line

  •  You are currently walking or are ready to begin on a spiritual path

  • You are craving a catalyst experience for change in your life

  •  You are ready for empowered sister support and ready to quit doing it all alone


  •  You don’t want to do deep work and would like to remain in surface level self-help land

  •  You would rather white knuckle your growth journey alone, without community and support

  •  You don’t understand the value in investing in yourself and the transformation created

  •  You want to remain in your stories of lack, fear, limitation, doubt, or (insert whatever has held you back from breaking through to the next level)

All my love,